Spill Absorption

Our spill-absorbing fibers have been used to clean up spills and contain drips from machine and assembly lines for over 75 years. Previously only available in 100 lb. bales, our Floor Sorb is now also available in handy 10lb boxes.

Floor Sorb is made from 100% recycled cotton and synthetic fibers. Recycled from a variety of post consumer and post industrial uses, Floor Sorb allows these materials to be re-purposed one more time!

  • Works great to clean up spills around the shop or to contain oils dripping from a machine.
  • Made with super-absorbent synthetic fibers.
  • Up to 8x more absorbent than clay-based absorbents!!
  • No mess…no gritty clean up.

Floor Sorb is available in a portable 10lb box and a 100lb bale.

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