Stain Application

Wood Stain Application, Stain Applicator, Finish ApplicatorUsed to finish furniture for over 75 years by large furniture makers! Now available in convenient and portable 10lb boxes for the small cabinet shop or home hobbyist. You will be amazed how our natural fibers reach into the smallest of curves, groves and corners!

100% recycled cotton threads are super-absorbent and pliable

  • Easily fits into those hard to get at corners and grooves
  • Use only what you need…..a pinch for small touch-ups or a handful for large scale staining. No wasted rags!
  • Works great to clean up spills around the shop
  •  Recycled from a variety of post consumer and post industrial uses, Furniture Finisher allows these materials to be re-purposed one more time!

Staining fibers are available in a portable 10lb box and a 100lb bale.

Wood Stain Application, Stain Applicator, Finish Applicator, Staining Applicator