Cotton Blends

We use uniquely designed equipment to create a versatile and absorbent textile wiping and polishing product known as Wiping Waste, which is used to polish or clean irregular surfaces. Wiping Waste is especially helpful for getting into corners, grooves and profiles better than most rags or disposable wipes. All grades of Wiping Waste from Miller Waste Mills are manufactured using select 100% post-industrial and/or post- consumer recycled textile waste.

Standard Products Available:

100% Cotton — Ideal for stain and polishing applications that require a soft material. Available bleached (white) and unbleached (natural).

Cotton and Synthetic Blend — This blend is white in color and contains some abrasive threads to help with cleaning and scrubbing.

Colored 100% Cotton — Our colored recycled cotton threads are great for hard-to-reach areas in any cleaning job. Colored Cotton is not suitable for staining applications where colors could leach.

All Purpose (contains cotton and synthetic fibers) — Our All Purpose grade is perfect for applications that do not need the softness of 100% cotton, such as cleaning up spills and controlling oil drips from machinery.

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Cotton fibers
Colored Cotton
Colored Cotton

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