The effectiveness of our 100% cellulose fiber oil filter media has been unsurpassed for decades. It’s no wonder why our customers have relied on us for quality oil and lube filter media for more than 80 years! Some examples include:

  • By-Pass Oil Filters for trucks and marine applications.
  • Long-lasting, specialty Depth Filters for farm and heavy construction equipment.
  • Industrial lubrication applications.

Drawing upon our broad knowledge of textiles and specialty fibers, we can also manufacture a unique media tailored to your needs by creating a custom blend from a wide variety of fibers to meet your specifications.

Available Media:
  • Blended wood and cotton: cotton unbleached thread combined with precision shaved aspen wood fiber
  • Blended sisal and cotton
  • 100% sisal fibers
  • 100% chopped and machined gauze
  • 100% cotton – sized
  • 100% wool
  • 50% cotton -50% wood
  • 60% wood – 40% cotton

To learn more, contact us for details!

Oil filter made with recycled fibers

Recycle & Reuse with Miller Waste Mills, Inc.